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Certified Scrum Developer [CSD] (Pacific Timezone)

June 7 June 8

Learn tools, practices, and techniques that support “working software” delivered frequently with technical excellence aligning with Scrum.


Without technical practices, Scrum will fail. Agile development is much more than two-week waterfall development, where QA waits for developers to finish coding and then they rush to get the feature “done.” This training covers, hands-on, the technical practices that enable teams to build quickly, iteratively, AND sustainably.

This course is aimed at software developers (programmers) who are building software in an Agile environment. The goal is to expose students to the most important tools and techniques that need to be applied in order to build good software in an iterative and incremental way. These ideas are central to the entire field of Agile software development.

To understand the value of the Test First approach Paul teaches in his Certified Scrum Developer training, please watch this video:


This intensive two-day course will prepare you to succeed in your role as a Scrum Developer. It includes the full Scrum/Agile experience, including planning, development, testing, and retrospection. Attendees will understand why Agile development originated and how adhering to agile principles can guide us through challenging situations.

This Certified Scrum Developer course is taught through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, creating software in pairs and small groups. The instructor walks students methodically through the Extreme Programming practices so critical for the quality code necessary for true software development team Agility. You can learn more about the instructor Paul Moore in the video below.


In addition to learning the fundamentals of Scrum and agile development, you will also have hands-on experience with:

  • Backlog refinement and planning to incrementally define solutions that delight your customers
  • Collaboration through pair and mob programming to minimize misunderstanding
  • Unit testing and test-driven development for confidence in your solutions
  • Integrating continuously to take advantage of faster feedback cycles
  • Refactoring for maintainability and future changes

Upon successful completion, participants will earn the Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Developer designation.


The candidates for this course should generally be programmers in a conventional programming language such as Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, C++, and so on. The course involves programming in a team environment. This course also offers student slots to testers who have some experience with test automation. All students will be using collaborative programming throughout the course and testers are typically paired with programmers. The course is a programming course, not a survey, overview, or discussion. Actual code will be written, tested, and reviewed by the instructor(s).

Students should also arrive at the course familiar with:

  • An understanding of programming logic
  • A willingness to code
  • Agile Manifesto (4 values, 12 principles) (

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