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Join the worldwide Agile Community at Agile2024, the premier in-person event of the year! Agile2024 offers many talks and workshops to establish a solid base for any framework your team might be considering. These Agile Essentials sessions will help set your team or organization up for success with essential ideas and practices for your journey to continuous learning and more effective delivery!


Agile Essentials: Facilitation

with Maria Chec

Facilitation skills make the difference between dreaded “meetings” and engaging, productive team activities. Facilitation skills are essential for all roles in an Agile development team – whether technical, product, design, or coach – because they’re crucial for cross-functional collaboration, conflict resolution, decision-making, navigating uncertainty, fostering a flexible/trusting team environment, and most of all, making Agile’s frequent meeting cadence useful and even enjoyable. Read more


Agile Essentials:

with Canessa Boyd

As a leader, the most powerful tool in your arsenal is data. It’s everywhere – but are you harnessing it? Using metrics, you can tell if your product is doing well and make fact-based decisions about what to do next. Metrics create a story of the project, its ups and downs, its wins and challenges, as you continue to work. Metrics are essential in Agile for continuous improvement, predictability, team accountability, quality assurance, and risk management. This session will cover familiar Agile metrics like velocity and the DORA DevOps measurements. Read more

Matt Takane

Agile Essentials: Coaching

with Matt Takane

This interactive session is aimed at enhancing the coaching abilities essential to every Agile role. It focuses on the basics of Agile coaching, teaching how to create supportive environments that encourage team creativity and high performance. Using intentional activities and flow sets the tone, the mindset, and underpinning psychological safety for participants. Join us to learn how playing soccer, cutting paper, and Dixit cards can support your ability to facilitate an amazing workshop. Read more

“Agile2024 is such an amazing conference! I love seeing my peer Agilists, the learning, the events and after-events. I start and end with high energy. Start with excitement for what is coming and end with the excitement of who I reconnect with, who I met, what I learned, and what fun I had.”

– Agile2023 Attendee Survey Feedback

Sally Gasser

Agile Essentials:

with Sally Gasser

The heart of Agile is satisfying customers with viable, feasible, and delightful products. Agile product roles and practices are designed to help teams align priorities and facilitate effective communication of a clear vision and roadmap. Product roles help prioritize features, refine requirements, maintain a product backlog, foster innovation, and ultimately deliver valuable products. In this session, we’ll talk about Product Manager and Product Owner roles, and how these are often defined quite differently by various employers. Read more

Venus Izadi

Dev and Engineering Practices

with Venus Izadi

Agile technical practices aim to produce higher quality products as well as a better quality of life for delivery teams. Aspects of eXtreme Programming (XP), which predates even the Agile Manifesto, are now the norm in high-performing organizations: robust test automation; continuous integration, deployment, and delivery; regular collaboration, including pairing and ensemble programming; and architectural simplicity. You don’t have to be an engineer to get value from technical Agility. Read more

Darcie Fitzpatrick


with Darcie Fitzpatrick

The Agile Essentials session on human-centered design will help attendees focus on prioritizing users through the design process, enhancing product usability and satisfaction. Prioritizing users’ needs and iterating based on real user feedback leads to more intuitive and effective products, reducing the risk of costly revisions post-launch and ensuring that products align with their expectations. Organizations benefit from increased user satisfaction, loyalty, and successful product adoption. Read more

“I really enjoyed the conference this year, the venue and location were great and the sessions I attended were fulfilling. Looking forward to Texas next year!”

– Agile2023 Attendee Survey Feedback

Padmini Nidumolu

Planning, Estimation, and Forecasting

with Padmini Nidumolu

Agility has revolutionized the way products and services are built by offering flexible and iterative approaches. Among its distinctive features are the methods it employs for planning, estimating, and forecasting the work. In this presentation, we’ll cover the foundations of breaking down work into small increments, planning in short-term iterations, adapting and responding to customer feedback, and shifting priorities. We’ll learn estimation approaches such as story-pointing, planning poker, and relative sizing. Read more


Agile Essentials: DevOps and SRE

with Natalie Lunbeck

DevOps practices have become so deeply embedded in organizations that they may not even be associated with “Agile” anymore — but DevOps grew from Agile’s mandate to “deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale.” Robust automation of testing, integration, build, deployment, and even compliance checks and release authorization have enabled organizations to operate nimbly, even at a massive scale, and to shorten code-completion time. Read more

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If you or your team is starting – or restarting – with Agile, the Agile Essentials track at Agile2024 will help get you going in the right direction, no matter which framework or approach you are following. If you’re looking for additional sessions designed just for beginners, visit the agenda and choose “Filter by Learning Level.”

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