Agile MiniCon 2022

Join us for the 2022 Agile MiniCon

Friday, December 9th • 11AM-3PM ET

The Agile MiniCon is a twice-annual online event featuring deep Agile learning with speakers and discussions covering a range of Agile concepts, followed by an after-party for meeting up and networking with fellow Agilists. Registration is FREE for Agile Alliance members! If you’re not already a member, you can join today for just $49/year and take advantage of this and many other online events throughout the year. Click here to scroll to the registration link.

Improv! Games! Drawing! Fun!

We invite you to join our “Fun Buffet” of content featuring back-to-back speakers exploring Agility via improvisation, games, visual scribing, and more. Each speaker will deliver a fun, interactive 20-minute talk. We’ll then open up the space for fishbowl conversations with the speakers where you can ask questions and/or join the dialogue.

Agile MiniCon Schedule

11:00 a.m. ET | Welcome and introduction

11:10 a.m. ET | Four 20-minute back-to-back interactive talks

1:00 p.m. ET | Speaker fishbowl sessions (or join the after party)

2:00 p.m. ET | After party for mingling and networking

Jessie Shternshus

Jessie Shternshus

Author and Trainer

SESSION 1 – 11:10 AM ET

“Improv!” with Jessie Shternshus

Jessie Shternshus is known for helping people and companies reach their full potential by escaping conformity and adapting to our ever-changing environment. She helps individuals, teams, and companies shift their way of thinking, create collaborative environments, and help people be their best selves through interactive and inclusive exercises.

Jessie has been a key player in internal training and transformations for global companies and organizations such as The United Nations, Netflix, Tyson Foods, PGATour, Ocean Spray, Mayo Clinic, Transferwise, HP, Macy’s, Johnson & Johnson, Getty Images, Walgreens, Adecco, CapitalOne, and many more.

She is the co-author of CTRL Shift – 50 Games for 50 Days Like Today and No More Meetings – Unlearn ”bored room” Practices to Change the Way We Connect.

Website  |  LinkedIn  |  Twitter

Dana Pylayeva

Dana Pylayeva

Author, Coach and Games Designer

SESSION 2 – 11:40 AM ET

“Games!” with Dana Pylayeva

Dana Pylayeva is an Agile Leadership Coach, an international speaker, author and Agile games designer, and creator of “DevOps with Lego and Chocolate” simulation, “Fear in the Workplace,” “Safety in the Workplace,” and “Dependency Game.” Dana is an ICF Credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach(CEC), and Training from the Back of the Room Certified Trainer (TBR-CT).

She is passionate about unleashing leadership potential in individuals and teams. She brings a powerful combo of multiple coaching styles (Co-Active, Positive Intelligence, Executive Coaching), facilitation with Liberating Structures, deep knowledge of Agile and DevOps space as well as a breadth of experience working with remote teams and international clients (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Japan, India, etc).

Website  |  LinkedIn  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Ashanti Gardner

Ashanti Gardner

Design & Systems T*inker, and Illustrator

SESSION 3 – 12:10 PM ET

“Drawing!” with Ashanti Gardner

Ashanti Gardner is an artist, illustrator, and lifelong explorer. As a neutral witness, she listens to and digitally scribes conversations by applying creativity, integrating visuals, and capturing words for the support and transformation of teams, groups, and communities.

Website  |  LinkedIn  |  Instagram

Jenny Tarwater

Jenny Tarwater

Agile Coach and Speaker

SESSION 4 – 12:40 PM ET

“Fun!” with Jenny Tarwater

Jenny Tarwater is a connector and collector of people and ideas! She is an international speaker, Agile coach, and trainer. Jenny has a passion for driving the adoption and understanding of Agile values, principles, and practices. Her endless enthusiasm drives her involvement in cultivating the “small company start-up culture” across organizations large and small. Jenny is a kinetic leader, partner, and consummate student who brings positivity and fun to all she does.

Jenny co-created the “Game Design Canvas for Good Games Gone Bad” and the game “Never Would I Ever, Examining Your Agile Non-Negotiables” with her co-conspirator Laura Powers. She founded GALE-KC (Games for Agility, Learning, and Engagement), and Lean Agile KC, and has served on organizing teams for Agile20xx, Agile for Humanity, PMI-Professional Development Days, and Agile KC.

Jenny is a frequent conference speaker. Her keynotes include “Making it Pop – Debriefing Experiential Learning.” Her workshops include “Moving Motivators,” “Innovation Games,” “Agile Fluency Game,” “Brain-Based Training,” and “Liberating Structures.”

Website  |  LinkedInTwitter

Agile International Meetings

Fishbowls with the Speakers

Immediately following the four sessions, we’ll open up all of the Zoom rooms for fishbowl conversations with the speakers. Fishbowl is a strategy for organizing group discussions. Attendees are separated into an inner and outer circle. In the inner circle or “fishbowl,” participants have a discussion; participants in the outer circle listen to the discussion and process. In the “fishbowl,” participants can respond with multiple viewpoints. Observations from people in the outer circle provide insight into their observations.


Agile MiniCon After Party

Meet up with your fellow Agile MiniCon attendees at 2 PM ET in the Virtual Lounge for networking and socializing. Our speakers and panelists will also be available in the online space for follow-up questions and more in-depth conversations. Agile Alliance staff will be there as well to answer any membership questions you might have. We look forward to seeing you in our Virtual Lounge!

Agile Alliance Virtual Lounge

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