Agile Alliance New Zealand: Who we are and where we’re going

Agile New Zealand

Agile Alliance New Zealand (AANZ) is a volunteer-run not-for-profit society founded in 2016 by 17 passionate Agility enthusiasts and incorporated under New Zealand law as an affiliate of the global Agile Alliance.  Its purpose is to keep all things Agile going and bring like-minded people together to explore, examine, and expand what it means to “be Agile” in all aspects of the NZ industry.

AANZ supports the emergence and establishment of local Agile community groups across the country and provides resources, guidance, and assistance in whatever way we can to help those groups be successful.

Who works behind the scenes?

The AANZ board & committee is made up of eight talented volunteers committed to its purpose. Their current collective experience spans more than 160 years in Agile coaching, mentoring, Agile practices, and capability development, delivery & performance management, workflow optimisation, planning & strategic alignment. and product management.

Find out more about who we are here.

Something is in the air?

We keep our ears to the ground on trending conversations in our Agile communities. Over the last few months, there has been a leisurely focal shift from technology teams & Agile ways of working toward what it means for Agility in viewing organisations as living ecosystems responding and adapting to constant change.

Current theories explaining this shift posit Agile practices and ways of working are mostly embedded and part of the organisational tapestry. The next natural state and opportunity resides in joining up supporting business areas. Agile is now a part of a wider ecosystem of methods, tools, and practices to enable Agility and adaption to constant change. 

Into the future?

The majority of our committee members are relatively new, and last quarter we reviewed and refined our AANZ objectives and roadmap for the year so that we could position ourselves in readiness to respond and adapt to trends in the Agile community. 

Our focus is on improving our AANZ organisation capability by growing our AANZ board membership, continuing to help foster and sustain the Agile community in New Zealand, and keeping those important Agile conversations alive and going. 

If you are interested in volunteering on AANZ reach out directly.

Currently, our attention is on promoting key Agile community events coming up in the next few months across New Zealand, namely JAFAC, Product Aotearoa, and Adaptiv.

Keep up with Agile Alliance New Zealand

If you’d like to keep up with Agile Alliance New Zealand and all that we have going on, you can do so here.

This is an Agile Alliance community blog post. Opinions represented are personal and belong solely to the author. They may not represent the opinion or policy of Agile Alliance.

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Michelle Nefdt

Michelle Nefdt

Michelle has cross-disciplinary experience in agile delivery management, business analysis, and enterprise business process design. With her academic background in I/O Psychology, she stays up to date on industry-standard methodologies, and how these are used and optimised to support modern ways of working at the individual, team, and enterprise levels. When the opportunity arises, Michelle enjoys working with teams to co-design business capabilities that improve their resilience, response, and adaptation to change. Michelle is certified…

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