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August 5 – 9, 2019 | Gaylord National | Washington, DC

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Agile2019 Program Team

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Emma Armstrong

Program Chair

Brandon Carlson

Program Chair

Dana Pylayeva

Program Chair

Agile2019 Session Videos

Using Design Methods to Establish Healthy DevOps Practices
I wish adopting DevOps was as easy as just ticking items off on a DevOps todo list. Or as easy as setting up Jenkins and Docker. The reality is very different. Successful DevOps transitions require changes in the technical stack, in the mindset, in p…
Harvesting Mob Programming Patterns: Observing how we work
We were huge advocates of pair programming and have directly experienced the many benefits of pairing, but when we first heard about mob programming with thought it sounded crazy! Perhaps... so crazy it might actually work. Mob programming is a softw…
A Report on the State of Agile in India
The Indian subcontinent has not seen many successful Agile Transformations. In this report we share how a group of 30 Lean Agile Practitioners and thought leaders from industry came together to better understand why Agile Transformations have not ach…
Towards Agile Autonomous teams with Domain-Driven Design
I’ve been involved in several transformations over the years, from DevOps to Digital to Agile. These transformations typically focus on transitioning people into near-autonomous teams of no more than eight people who will work in an agile manner. Eve…
Agile in its Third Decade
Agile for me started in ’99 when at a developer conference in Munich there was great excitement about an XP talk being given by Martin Fowler. Since then Agile has spread and crossed the chasm at both the team and enterprise level. There is a shiftin…
Beyond Software: When Agile meets Defense Systems and Hardware
Many defense systems are very complex and include hardware designed specifically for that system. As Government and Defense organizations embrace Agile development, one of the stickiest issues is how to integrate Systems Engineering and Hardware orga…
Lead the Play: Leadership Lessons from Space Pirates
What if you could organize and motivate people to double their highest-expected productivity goals? The **future of leadership** is emerging to guide 21st-century organizations beyond the small, cross-functional, green-field software development tea…

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