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If you aren’t aware, thanks to COVID-19 Agile Coach Camp Worldwide has gone virtual with the Home Edition.

This gives an opportunity to have even broader participation across the globe. Agile Coach Camps are targeted at Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Managers, Execs, really anyone that is interested in taking a coaching approach to helping others take on an Agile approach.

The event this year will be split into three 4-hour virtual Open Space sessions distributed to support different time zones over the weekend of 7-9 August (GMT time). To reflect this worldwide reach, we have facilitators also from across the globe: Juan Banda from Bolivia, Deepti Jain from India, and Danny Wusang from Indonesia. There will also be three 90-minute sessions the weekend before (31 July – 2 August) to let coaches network while also getting familiar with the virtual tools we’re using.

Tickets are $50 each and are divided into regions so we can distribute tickets and get global participation. One ticket will let you attend all 3 sessions if you want to do different time zones. We periodically look at sales and redistribute some tickets to where sales are higher.

On registering, you will be asked about some key information: what passionate topic interests you to discuss, confirm you will abide by the Alliance’s Code of Conduct, and for you to set-up a free Zoom account, if you don’t have one. This will prepare you t host a session if you so desire (it’s not a requirement, but we want people ready to do so). You can find more information here.

We hope you will join us!

About the Author

Paul is an IT Executive Coach with Excella helping managers and teams improve their game. He focuses on applying Agile and Lean techniques to create and lead more effective organizations.

Paul has led small teams to large groups as a software development manager in Federal, commercial, and contractor organizations and coached in the private and public sectors. He is a retired Commander from the US Navy and served in the Naval Air Systems Command, Defense Information Systems Agency, and Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 34 in his Naval career.

As an active Agile community member, he has founded numerous groups to help coaches and Scrum Masters, including the Agile Influencers of DC and the Games for Agility, Learning, and Engagement (GALEDC). He serves as the chair for the Agile Alliance's Agile Coach Camp and Agile Coach Camp Worldwide initiatives and is a regular reviewer in various Agile 20XX tracks.

This is an Agile Alliance community blog post. Opinions represented are personal and belong solely to the author. They do not represent opinion or policy of Agile Alliance.

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