Joe Rainsberger captured the essence of David Hussman’s work by saying “David is not just someone who builds agile communities, but someone who is building community builders”. David’s coaching is centered on getting to know communities and their members so he can help foster real value using a meaningful collection of agile methods which amplify existing strengths and confront existing challenges.

For each engagement, David works hard to grow internal coaching and coaches. He is genuinely inquisitive and insightful about people. His coaching style is non-dogmatic, well-grounded, challenging and pragmatic. Focusing on getting to know project communities helps David seed self-discovery and avoid falling into the expert trap of telling people what they “should do”.

David’s coaching includes introducing agile methods to large international project communities as well as working side by side with members of small collocated teams, helping them to tune and improve their agility. Along with his coaching, David has helped create or produce a variety of agile gatherings including Agile EgyptPractical Agility,CodeFreeze and Agile Palooza to name a few. In his home town of Minneapolis / St Paul, David leads several local groups like Practical Agility and the Twin Cities chapter of Agile Philanthropy.

For more information about David, his company, or to view a variety of his presentations and publications, check out his website: www.devjam.com


Simon Baker and Gus Power have had a profound effect on the way the people around them view agile methods in the real world. They’ve repeatedly demonstrated that their No Compromise, No Excuses approach consistently creates and maintains exceptionally high performing teams that deliver high quality software, and within the same kind of dysfunctional organizations that most of us work for.

Through their study and application of lean accounting they have created a financial system to support going from “concept to cash every week”. It makes visible the consequences of business decisions and the real cash value of a project as software is released every week. The CFO of a major UK company told them he’d never seen a project before where he could see so clearly what he needed to know.

There are no secrets behind their success – they use the techniques they teach with commitment, applying their values and raw common sense with rigor, and they invest in growing the skills of the people they work with. They attract tremendous loyalty from their teams. Simon and Gus have shown us how much we can expect to achieve by holding to the values of the Agile movement. Follow Gus and Simon’s blog at http://www.agileinaction.com


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