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deliver:Agile 2020

Around this time last year, I tweeted, “XP is not dead; it’s just not where you left it.” I was tired of hearing longtime XP practitioners complaining about the decline […]

How to use Agile Frameworks with Agility

Framework – Eifel Tower Photo

There are a variety of aspects of a specific context to consider when you decide which framework you’ll use as inspiration for your team’s methodology. Here are the key choices you need to make.

The Themes Behind AATC2017

Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2017

Remember when Agile was just about team practices, back when XP first started (or maybe we are just young and you just read about it in a history book!)? Regardless, […]

Jenkins, You Can Take the Evening Off

In this post Ron Quartel explains the history of Continuous Integration (CI) and explains why teams new to CI should not use a CI server, at least initially.

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