Remote Mob Programming Ask the Experts: Key Takeaways

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Woody Zuill, widely credited with discovering mob programming while working at Hunter Industries, describes mobbing (or ensemble programming, as the practice is also known) as “a software development approach where […]

Is Remote Mobbing in Your Future?

remote mobbing

I recently had a conversation with Sal Freudenberg and Matt Wynne about their experiences remote mobbing. I met Sal and Matt at XP 2018 in Porto, Portugal where they presented […]

Growing a Mob without Losing the Good

Mob Programming for the Introverted

Our latest experience report is from Chris Lucien of Hunter Industries. Chris is the Director of Software Development at Hunter, but is not the team’s manager. Management tasks are spread […]

What is it Like to Join a Mob?

Our latest experience report is by Robert “Jason” Kerney from Hunter Industries. Jason joined the mob programming team at Hunter over a year ago. I met Jason last year at Agile2014. […]

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