Software Craftsmanship

Software Craftsmanship

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Sandro Mancuso, one of the most prominent representatives of the Software Craftsmanship community. Sandro is the author of “The Software Craftsman”, one of […]

Effective Product (Software) Teams

Effective Product Teams

I had the pleasure to interview Eduardo Ferro from Madrid-Spain Eduardo is a software crafter with more than 20 years of experience helping organizations of different sizes to build good […]

Can Quality Hurt Software Projects?

Can quality hurt software projects?

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Carlos Blé from the Canary Islands in Spain. Carlos is a software crafter with almost two decades of experience in software development and […]

Join Us at deliver:Agile 2020

deliver:Agile 2020

Around this time last year, I tweeted, “XP is not dead; it’s just not where you left it.” I was tired of hearing longtime XP practitioners complaining about the decline […]

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