Agile Coach Camp Worldwide is Going Remote!

Agile Technical Conference 2016 Raleigh, NC

Our world became topsy-turvy because of the COVID pandemic. Agile Coach Camp Worldwide was no exception. Agile Coach Camp Worldwide (ACC-WW) is normally held the weekend prior to the Agile20xx […]

What’s New For Agile2021

Agile2021 Conference

If you’ve been to an Agile20XX event before, you know it’s an amazing conference where people from all over the world come together to discuss the latest in all things […]

Agile2021 Planning and Submissions Update

Agile2021 Conference

At the end of every Agile Conference, we hold a retrospective (of course!). The conference chair, program, and track chairs, marketing, etc., all take part. One of the recurring items […]

Agile2020 Will Not Move Online


Our sincere thanks goes out to the Agile2020 Conference Chair, Program Committee, Track Chairs, Reviewers, Speakers, Sponsors, Volunteer Coordinators, Purple Shirt Volunteers, Agile Alliance members, and the Agile community as […]

Agile Alliance Conference Updates

Agile Alliance Events

What happens when you can’t hold a physical conference event? Conference organizers put in incredible amounts of work to invite speakers, review submissions, shape a program, and mold the experience […]

Agile2020 Update


In March, the World Health Organization officially declared the novel coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic. This global health crisis presents vast unique challenges that have impacted many members of the Agile […]

deliver:Agile 2020 Program Announced

deliver:Agile 2020

Agile Alliance is pleased to announce the program for our annual technical conference, deliver:Agile 2020, which is tailored to software developers who want to learn more about emerging Agile technical […]

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