Communicate to be Understood, Not Just Heard

Communicate to be Understood, Not Just Heard

One of my favorite quotes from the famous Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, is: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Have you […]

Tips for Better Remote Meetings

Tips for Better Remote Meetings

Many people are now accustomed to working from their home office. I myself am mostly staying at home, avoiding face-to-face interaction with colleagues and friends, especially those over 65 or […]

Is Agile Accountability an Oxymoron?

Agile accountability

Despite what some people may think, accountability and Agile are not mutually exclusive. How does your organization incorporate accountability? Is it part of your organization’s value statement or part of […]

Toxic Team Members

Toxic Team Members - Danger Sign

One toxic team member, left unchecked, can lead to low morale, and low productivity, or can even destroy an Agile team. Imagine this was your Agile team: Your Product Owner […]

8 Reasons Why Agile Projects Fail

Reasons why Projects Fail

It’s no secret agile projects can fail, but do you know the reasons they fail and how to avoid them? I could tell you why I think they fail. Instead, […]

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