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Embracing Open Agility: Tales and Fails From Our Company-Wide Agile Journey

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Does VeriShip use components from:

Scrum? Yes.

Kanban? Yes

Lean Startup? Yes.

DevOps? Yes.

Mob Programming? Yes.

Stuff we’ve completely made up? Yes.

People Operations? Yes. You might say this isn’t an Agile framework, but we disagree. Without a positive work culture and a strong sense of safety, nothing else is possible.

The truth is no two teams are alike, so why try to treat them the same? We have combined components from all the above, in addition to Red Hat’s Open Organization philosophy, Kerievsky’s Modern Agile concepts, Business Agility practices, and everything in between, into a rolled-up version of what we now refer to as “Open Agility” at VeriShip. Our ENTIRE organization works every day utilizing various methodologies and approaches to promote openness, visibility, safety, and continuous improvement in the workplace.

In this session, we will present a series of real world experiments we have tried during our company-wide Agile transformation that includes every department within our organization (Accounting, Sales, Product, Marketing, Operations, Customer Success, Software Engineering, etc.). We will share the experiments we’ve tried, successes we’ve had and, most importantly, our failures and what we’ve learned along the way. We believe that in order to excel in a company-wide Agile transformation, a company needs to feel safe working in a highly adaptable and experimentive environment. In order to accomplish this, we believe there needs to be high visibility, high safety, and intentional metrics, both traditional and non-traditional, (for example: happiness metrics) embedded into the culture of the organization. We’ll talk through our experiences surrounding each of these.

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