While Toyota is known for the Lean practices developed as part of the Toyota Production System, their prowess on the production line didn’t equate to a well-running Information Systems (IS) department. An Agile transformation began in 2016 to move the North America IS group from waterfall practices to Scrum. This report is based on the experiences of one of the coaches working on that transformation, the challenges he faced, and the tools he used to move the transformation in the right direction. The discussion will include how concepts such as Crew Resource Management (CRM), High Reliability Organizations (HROs), Red Teaming, and the ZoneFive tool from AGLX were used to build high-performing teams. CRM was first developed to reduce human error that had led to a number of airplane crashes in the 1970s and is cited as one of the reasons there were no causalities in the 2009 crash of US Air flight 1549. HROs developed out of complex, highly volatile environments such as aircraft carriers and nuclear reactors that are able to avoid catastrophes in spite of their volatility. The discussion will also talk about how the Scrum@Scale model was applied and the challenges in getting managers and executives engaged as chief product owners and metascrum participants.

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