Organization and Business Agility: Managing the Portfolio Backlog in Large Organizations

About this Publication

Working in a multi-team, multi-program, multi-product environment brings several challenges. One of those is providing a smooth flow of work to teams, and incorporating their feedback, while staying responsive to the needs of the business in a changing environment. Managing the portfolio backlog is a critical piece of the solution. This Experience Report documents several years’ experience working in such environments. The focus of this Experience Report is specifically on managing the portfolio backlog, not the full scope of what could be considered under a portfolio management strategy and implementation. We have found that getting the portfolio backlog management strategy right is a key element in the success of the overall portfolio management approach.

About the Author

Ken is an engineering leader with more than 20 years’ experience in global software engineering organizations. His current focus is working with intelligent autonomous systems, including software for self-driving cars and edge devices. His specialties include software engineering, architecture, artificial intelligence, complex adaptive systems, sensemaking, strategy, agile development, and large-scale transformation. He is a regular speaker on these topics at leading international conferences. He has published more than 35 peer-reviewed papers and hold patents in virtualization and network management technology. He has been working with agile and lean approaches to product development since 1999. Contact him at