The Future of Work – Agile, AI, and You

With the rapid pace of change in artificial intelligence, how should Agilists inspect and adapt? What will be the relationship between humans and AI in this next chapter in the world of work?

Getting Things Done with Mob Programming

Getting Things Done with Mob Programming – Agile Tech Talks

Andy Kwong, Rei Pamintuan, Aaron Griffith, and Austin Chadwick share not only horror stories of things not getting done in their past, but also joyous stories of things actually getting done today – with Mob Programming.

Strawberry Jam with Tasty Lumps

Strawberry Jam - Agile Tech Talks

The processes that have grown up around “Agile” are all capable of being spread too thin, of being understood so poorly that they deliver only mediocre results at best.

Creating Spaces for Women in Agile

Creating Spaces for Women in Agile – Agile MiniCon

For the past 20 years, Agile Alliance has been the leading non-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting Agile ways of working. This conversation–the 5th in the series of Women in […]

Security – Past, Present, Future

Agile Tech Talks

In this panel, we explored the history of security and Agile technical practices. We also looked to the future to consider the possibilities of how Agile technical practices and security can and will evolve together.

Accessible Developer Experience

Agile Tech Talks

In this session, we explore the idea of an accessible developer experience as a way of leaning into the XP principles of Humanity and Diversity.

Agile Team Roles – Then and Now

Agile2021 Video

Over the past 20 years of Agile, our approaches to work and roles within software development have changed dramatically. This panel of illustrious technical experts will consider how the the […]

Sustainable Disruption, Where We Go From Here

Sustainable Disruption Keynote Panel

Three disruptive leaders share global insights on the impact and future of agile. Comparing the challenges of the late 1990s that resulted in the Agile Manifesto with those of today […]

Agile Alliance Initiatives

Agile2021 Video

Join the Agile Alliance board of directors to learn more about how Agile Alliance fulfills its mission to support people and organizations who explore, apply and expand Agile values, principles […]

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