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I had an opportunity to check in with several experience reporters and get an update. With their permission I recorded some of these conversations, to share with the Agile community.

Our first podcast is a conversation between Aaron Griffith, from Hunter Industries who presented the experience report, Mob Programming for the Introverted. Aaron discusses how it is to be an introvert joining a mob programming team. As we chatted, Chris Lucien, also of Hunter Industries spotted us and joined in our conversation. At the time we spoke, Hunter Industries was in the midst of growing their mob. You’ll find, as you listen to our conversation, that Aaron finds ways to take care of himself and his needs for quiet time and reflection…yet when he does work independently, he finds he misses the camaraderie of the mob. We introverts are social creatures, too.

Our next podcast is a conversation I had with Daniel Vacanti, Co-founder and CEO at ActionableAgile. Daniel, along with Pradeep Singh, presented the experience report, Ultimate Kanban: Scaling Agile Without Frameworks at Ultimate Software. We discuss flow and how paying attention to the amount the work you have in progress can lead to dramatic improvements in what you are able to deliver. Daniel also explains how forecasting can be easily done using simple tools, once you start measuring your flow of value.

About the Author

Rebecca is President of Wirfs-Brock Associates and former Director of the Agile Experience Report Initiative. She helps organizations and individuals hone their design and architecture skills, improve system quality and manage technical debt. In addition to coaching and mentoring she conducts workshops on agile architecture, design heuristics, and pragmatic software design. She invented the set of design practices known as Responsibility-Driven Design (RDD) and by accident started the x-DD meme.

Rebecca is also a shepherd for the XP 2023 Experience Report Track. She is on the Board of the Hillside Group and writes patterns and essays about sustainable architecture, agile QA, and design heuristics. If you want to share experiences or wisdom in pattern form, Rebecca can help you turn your itch for writing into the written word.
Read her blog at and find articles and patterns and essays on her resources page,

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