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If you’re interested in Business Agility, here are some upcoming things that you will want to keep an eye out for:

A special report on Business Agility in the Times on March 24th

Agile Alliance is working on a special report about Agile Business in The Times in partnership with Raconteur, which will be distributed on March 24th. This report will be going out to over 1 million readers, with a significant executive readership, and we’re delighted about participating in a discussion about Business Agility with this audience.

Organizations are currently facing greater pressure to innovate, learn and adapt rapidly. However, undergoing an Agile transformation can be challenging and most businesses will hit obstacles along the way. This report will be looking into the importance of strong guidance for business leaders in order to deliver truly Agile performance. It will include an article by Ray Arell, Agile Alliance’s Chief of Innovation, on Agile Transformation.

Racounteur in The TimesAs part of this report, Agile Alliance has access to an advertising and editorial offer that may be of interest to some of our members. The report is 70% independent editorial written by the UK’s leading journalists in the industry, with the other 30% reserved for advertising options. There are also opportunities for well-aligned partners to come on board in a brand-awareness or thought-leadership capacity within that 30%, and it will allow access to The Times’ audience, as well as all of the licensing rights of the report and The Times logo. We can extend all of our members a discount on the rate card costs for involvement.  For further details about the report and how your company can get involved, please contact Joana Quintino Ruffle at Raconteur for more information.

Business Agility Conference March 23-24 in NYC

Agile Alliance is also pleased to be sponsoring the upcoming Business Agility Conference (in New York City and online) on March 23 and 24. The conference brings together the best executive, thought-leader, and practitioner speakers to share their experiences and insights with you. No tracks, just the best stories, concisely told in 20-minutes. For more information about this event, please visit the conference website.

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