Evolving Your Company Using a Systems Thinking Approach

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Bosnia AgileThe Agile Alliance was a proud sponsor of Bosnia Agile Day 2014 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina last October. The one-day conference brought together Agile evangelists, leading Agile experts, practitioners, and innovators from around the country to broaden their knowledge about Agile approaches and techniques, including best practices for their application in product and team management.

Companies and their environments are complex adaptive systems, and evolving organizations towards Agile is a very complicated process. It is not possible to have a fixed change plan and then just execute it. Instead, you need to iteratively make change experiments to the company/organization and observe the emerging outcomes.

Hendrik EsserHendrik Esser, director of our Supporting Agile Adoption initiative, led a workshop called Evolving Your Company Using a Systems Thinking Approach, which was very well-received by his audience. He looked at how to practically master this challenge and also introduced a tool that helps to identify and define change experiments, which was used in an exercise.

Attendees learned how the tool helps in making better decisions as they considered all aspects of the “company as a system”, including culture, behavior, processes, and structures.

Check out Hendriks’ session below (video + slides) to learn more!

 Evolving your Company using a Systems Thinking from Bosnia Agile

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