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In Search of a Software Developer’s Utopia

November 8, 2023 All day

In Search of a Software Developer's Utopia with Antony Marcano

Agile Tech Talks


In this online workshop with Antony Marcano, we’ll explore what a software developer’s utopian workplace could be like by working through the following questions: 

  • What is the future of work from a software developer’s point of view?
  • What characteristics of work let you get on with your work while loving what you do?
  • From benefits and career paths to equipment and colleagues, what makes the best possible experience for those passionate about software development?
  • How do we make as much of that a reality in our places of work today in a way that is a win-win for you and the organizations you work within?

Antony Marcano

Antony Marcano is co-founder of RiverGlide, a coaching, consultancy, and training firm helping teams and organizations innovate with Agility. He is also Head of Engineering at Ford Digital and through his involvement in motorsport, is also an advisor to Driven By Diversity. He has been in software development since the mid-1990s, and for the better part of two decades has been either working in Agile teams or guiding them and the organizations around them, as they aspire to greater agility. Antony is also mentioned or acknowledged in numerous books including Software Craftmanship Apprenticeship Patterns, Agile Coaching, Agile Testing, and more. He is as much a technical hands-on practitioner as a leader, coach, consultant, and trainer in topics from writing communicative & maintainable code to User Stories & BDD to effective team models, approaching change, and Kent Beck’s 3X framework.

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