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Agile Coach Camp Worldwide

September 21 September 23

Agile Coach Camp Worldwide 2024

Dedicated to coaches connecting, sharing, learning, and networking from around the globe!

Agile Coach Camp Worldwide (ACC-WW) is the first designated Camp for Agile coaches to share, learn, and network with others from around the Globe! 

And this year we’re in Costa Rica!  Yes, in person! 

The first Camp in 2008 was organized by Naresh Jain and Deb Hartmann-Preuss and brought together a number of coaches from around the world. Thereafter most Agile Coach Camps were held within their own countries. This is of course great! We want coaches regionally to grow and learn from each other. The Agile Alliance’s Agile Coach Camp Initiative helps support these Camps.

The thing that gets missed though is the diverse perspectives when you cross countries. This is where Agile Coach Camp Worldwide fits. These Camps bring many coaches from around the world, which adds deeper learning to that experience. This started in 2019 before Agile2019 and continued into 2020. Thanks to COVID, ACC-WW was taken virtual to become the Home Edition for 2020 through 2022. The event returned to in-person in 2022 and 2023 again before the Agile20XX conferences. Starting in 2024 though, we want to get the event out of the US and highlight some areas of the world that could use more attention.

This in-person Camp is set up as a 3-day destination event from 21-23 September at the Hotel Parque del Lago in San José, Costa Rica.

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