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Agile Alliance is excited to host our Agile2024 conference in Grapevine, Texas! Thank you to all of our members and others who are contributing to the agenda and the environment to ensure another successful conference to connect with colleagues and share ideas.

The mission of Agile Alliance is to support people and organizations who explore, apply, and expand Agile values, principles, and practices. When members of the Agile community have concerns about our pursuit of that mission, it is important to address those issues. 

Some members have reached out to the Alliance board and other leaders to express their concerns about the location of Agile2024 in Texas. Agile Alliance addressed similar concerns related to holding Agile2023 in Florida. We recognize the conference location might cause anxiety and safety concerns for some members of our community and those who support them. These are important concerns, and we are listening. 

Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. Based on the feedback we received from our conference last year in Florida, we modified our selection process for events beginning in 2026. While this does not affect the location of Agile2024, we are confident Agile Alliance is moving in the right direction. For now, we are reviewing safety protocols for Texas, and we are confident our action will address the concerns our members shared with us.


In the true spirit of Agile, we are responding to change and taking steps to ensure the conference is a safe, inclusive space. 

  • Participation. We understand some may not attend Agile2024 due to the current circumstances, and we respect and support those decisions. To support our expanding global community, we are also hosting Agile2024: The European Experience. This two-day event is held in conjunction with Agile2024 and will offer in-person speakers and live streaming. For those who do not want to travel, some recorded sessions will be available after the conference. 
  • Safety. The safety of our community is paramount. We have considered comments from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ groups and other organizations. Accordingly, the Agile Alliance team has been, and will continue to be, in contact with the security team at the Gaylord to discuss these issues and help ensure a safe environment.
  • Inclusion. Our Agile Alliance Code of Conduct reinforces our commitment to respect and inclusion in all that we do. Our priority is to serve our members with the best possible resources and experiences while remaining true to our guiding principles and Code of Conduct. The Agile Alliance may take any action it deems appropriate to enforce our Code of Conduct, including reporting to authorities and expulsion from events without a refund to ensure a safe, inclusive event. 
  • Community Support. Agile Alliance has partnered with Social Offset, a nonprofit organization that provides a socially conscious alternative to event and destination boycotts. The organization offers options for people determined to stay true to their values when they travel to or host events. They help event attendees and business travelers offset spending in destinations whose laws do not align with their core values by making it easy to donate to local charities that do.

Beyond Agile2024

The leaders of Agile Alliance have heard the calls for action and have taken the following steps:

  • We asked our Events Steering Committee to review the conference location selection process for 2026 onwards, which currently includes elements such as the safety of delegates, proximity to major travel connections, cost to attendees, etc. The updated criteria will place a higher weight on our Agile Alliance values.
  • The Board of Directors discussed this topic with members in person during the Agile2023 conference and later during virtual sessions. During that time, the Board listened to feedback, answered questions, and outlined the steps we are taking to improve. We plan to provide an update on this topic during “This is Your Alliance”, which will be held on Wednesday, July 24, during Extreme Open Space.
  • The Agile Alliance hosts a Monthly Meet & Greet event where members are encouraged to ask questions, present concerns, and share ideas with the Board. We welcome members to join us at our next meeting. 

We are grateful to all the people who have planned this event. We also are thankful for the candor and ongoing commitment of our Agile Alliance members. 

We look forward to sharing, learning, and connecting at Agile2024!

We hope you found this post informative

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