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Scrum Taiwan 由台灣的 專業培訓師 (PST) 們成立,希望以提供專業 Scrum 系列課程及相關資源等方式,在台灣幫助更多人學習專業 Scrum,並以此提高產品價值與組織敏捷性。我們專注在培訓專業的 Scrum 從業人員,針對 Scrum Master、Product Owner、Scrum 團隊、團隊主管提供對應知識與培訓,協助個人、團隊、與組織提高以 Scrum 框架解決複雜問題與交付價值的能力。

Scrum Taiwan is established by a group of Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) in Taiwan. Our mission is to help teams and organizations improve product value delivery and organization agility. We provide Professional Scrum training that focuses on enabling Scrum practitioners, their teams and organizations, in increasing their ability to solve complex problems and deliver value using the Scrum Framewor

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