Scrum Ireland

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An Innovative On-Line Scrum Social Network for IT Professionals interested in Scrum & Agile Software Development

Dear Members,

I'd like to personally welcome you to Scrum Ireland and encourage all members to post content, use the features of the network to engage with other members, come back and attend our events, especially the physical meet up events as they are the best fun :-)
Please post your Scrum and Agile videos, pictures, documents, events, links or whatever and blog away to your heart’s content. Help us grow and share Scrum and Agile, invite your colleagues and company members to join us as we build and expand the network.
We need your support no matter how big or small; any sponsorship would also be very welcome as we want to keep the network and events free for our members as we continue to grow.

Best Regards,
Ciaran Kennedy
Founder Scrum Ireland

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