Expert Agile Club

International - the club has members in 22 Countries

About Expert Agile Club

The Expert Agile Club is an exclusive global community of over 1000 agile professionals in over 20 countries that have extensive expertise and experience in the application and implementation of agile practices.

The goal of the club is to create unique opportunities for career exploration and development and design an environment in which the members can thrive and grow their knowledge and expertise.
The Expert Agile Club sponsors many programs to assist its members grow and develop, with an emphasis on networking events, consulting panels, interview workshops, and case competitions.

Admission into the club is by invitation only and invitations are offered a few times every year to a select batch of agile experts and accomplished professionals that have an extensive track record or show growth potential. Existing members of the club also have the opportunity to invite 5 new professionals every year.

The Expert Agile Club doesn’t charge any membership fee and existing members are forbidden to request any form of compensation in exchange of the free invitations they are granted every year.