Central Ohio Agile Association

About Central Ohio Agile Association

The Central Ohio Agile Association (COHAA) is a non-profit group of IT and business professionals dedicated to finding a better way to deliver software.

COHAA is dedicated to promoting the use of Agile practices and principles in project management, software development, quality assurance, and business analysis with an emphasis on solution delivery.

COHAA supports and promotes the adoption of Agile practices in software development and delivery. COHAA acts as a resource for individuals and organizations that use, or are interested in using Agile practices such as XP, Scrum, TDD, FDD, Lean, and Kanban.

Who Should Join?

The IT professional unfamiliar with Agile who seeks education about Agile practices and how to apply it on the job.

The IT professional who is familiar with Agile, and seeks an open forum in which they can share their experiences and successes while also improving their skills.

The IT professional who utilizes Agile practices and wants to promote it in the central Ohio area while improving their own skills.

The Business Executive interested in acquiring business value rapidly and seeks opportunities to see how others have leveraged Agile practices to most effectively meets their business need.