Bosnia Agile

About this Group

Bosnia Agile is a non-profit association started by a team of Agile enthusiasts volunteering their time to promote agile methodologies in software development and project management in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since its establishment in 2014, Bosnia Agile was working on educating its members, promoting Agile methodologies in software development through public events and cooperating with other Agile associations world-wide.

Agile Bosna je grupa IT profesionalaca koja je napravljena sa sljedećim ciljevima :

- Promovirati razvoj lean i agilnih principa i razmišljanja
- Stručno usavršiti svoje članove na lean i agilnim principima i metodama
- Potaknuti starup razmišljanje uz razvoj development zajednice u Bosni i Hercegovini

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Milana Preloga 12, Sarajevo 71000
Bosna i Hercegovina

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