Agile Talks

Roma, Italy

About Agile Talks

Starting from the Manifesto for the Agile Software Development of 2001, a lot of progress has been made and the adoption of agile frameworks and methodologies is also increasing in Italy.
At Agile Talks, we firmly believe that the adoption of an "agile" mentality makes our life better. We think this because the "agile" improves the way people learn, collaborate and communicate. The result is: great satisfaction from their work, more motivated and happy people, longer-lasting products on the market and that generate greater value for their customers and stakeholders.
We organize one event a month, free and open to all: events are often interactive and experiential with a large audience participation at each event.
Our main objectives:
• facilitate the exchange of experiences
• make Agile known to newbies or simply to the curious
• facilitate networking in Agile to share the presence of job offers / opportunities
• act as an incubator for various initiatives related to the Agile Talks community
One of the best parts of every community on is the people you meet, the conversations you have and the things you learn from others: so if you are passionate or simply intrigued by Agile themes, sign up for Agile Talks and also participate you at our monthly meetings.
Our meetups are also intended to facilitate communication between the participants, so we guarantee that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves freely and with the utmost respect for each other.