Agile Philly

About Agile Philly

The Agile Philly User Group has been in existence since 2003-2004. It's a very active user group. Agile Philly meetings are free and open to the public. Anyone can attend. Meetings are held twice a month; 1) the second Tuesday of every month in the suburbs and 2) the fourth Wednesday of every month in Center City.
AgilePhilly embraces all aspects of Software Development using practices and frameworks such as Lean, Kanban,Scrum, and even Waterfall, with the proper amount of Testing, Team Building, and other areas included in our meetings. The mission of the group is to helping it's members build better software.
This is a volunteer run, non-profit organization which aims to provide a community for individuals involved in agile software development. This group aims to provide an environment where its members can exchange ideas and meet with individuals involved in agile community. The AgilePhilly listserv has all meeting announcements and local Agile Discussions.