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I’m just the boss of me. As an individual team contributor, I’ll find myself looking around the crowd at the conference and wondering which people are the leaders.


Not all of the leaders are the bosses, but maybe one person in the crowd is a micromanaging boss who wants to have a say in everything. If so, will that boss be arriving at David Marquet’s Intent-Based Leadership keynote thinking about how he’ll have stronger intentions when asserting his influence over teams? Likely, he’ll find a different lesson.

David’s Intent-Based Leadership is meant for everyone, from frontline workers to CEOs. We start by rejecting the idea that leadership belongs to the few at the top. In highly effective organizations, there are leaders at every level. Embracing this philosophy of empowerment and process, we let go of ego and personality.


Intent-based leaders push control and decision-making down the organization so people can take responsibility and rise to the occasion. People who have more control over their work can engage and contribute their full intellectual capacity. People who feel valued are healthier and happier, better leaders when the opportunity arises. With clear goals, these new leaders can do their jobs with unity of effort.


Will our speculative attendee gain new understanding about how to turn his ship around? Join me and let’s find out together!

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