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Agile Business Special Report from the Times of London

Agile Alliance is excited to share a special report on Agile Business, produced in partnership with Raconteur and published in The Times of London. This 16-page report includes a piece on Agile transformation by Ray Arell, until recently Agile Alliance’s Chief of Innovation.

Download your free PDF copy of the digital report now.

A few excerpts from articles in the report

Employee engagement and customer satisfaction

Thirty-five percent of agile business divisions surveyed by McKinsey said that employee engagement was significantly better; 33% said there was a significant improvement in their operational performance; and 31% reported a significant uptick in customer satisfaction.

Increased project capacity

Almost a year after adopting an agile approach, the Benelux division [of Unilever] reported a 25% growth in its project capacity and an improved time to market. Employees reported a decrease in pressure, with 85% of team members saying they were happy with the agile methods implemented. Eighty-four percent experienced improved focus and 92% said they would recommend the agile way of working to other colleagues.

Increased commercial performance

According to the State of Agile Culture Report, building a strong agile culture will result in an increased commercial performance of 237%. The incentive to be an agile leader could hardly be greater. But the report points out that adoption of an agile culture is cited by 48% of organisations as their biggest challenge.

Get your free PDF copy of the digital report.


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