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“Sometimes you want to go … where everybody knows your name”

Whether you are a solo Scrum Master in a small company or one of many Agile coaches in a massive transformation, the Agile journey can be a long and lonely one. Sometimes we just need to ask a quick question or to get an objective perspective on a sticky problem.

When we are supporting change and holding space for others, we all need a listening ear and wisdom from others who have been in our shoes. Agile Advice is a dedicated area that enables Agile2022 attendees (advice-seekers) to have a one-on-one conversation with an experienced Agilist (advisor) to help with questions or issues on their journey.

The purpose of the Agile Advice program

Agile Advice began at Agile2017 and was originally named Agile Therapy. Agile Alliance designed this experience to provide a welcoming atmosphere and to support those at the conference who were early in their Agile journey by connecting them (and other attendees) with a roster of experts to discuss topics and challenges they were facing.

Agile Therapy created an environment where attendees could relax, mingle, and have some really impactful conversations. We re-branded this offering to “Agile Advice” following feedback from participants.

Over the years we have continued to refine the offering after working with advice-seekers and advisors alike.

This year’s Agile Advice program

This year, the Agile Advice area will be open Monday-Thursday from 9am–5pm, with appointments available from 11am–3pm. In semi-private 15-minute sessions with seasoned Agilists, you can discuss the challenges in your Agile journey. Just stop by, sign up for an appointment, and give us a short description of your challenge. The Agile Advice team will pair you with the best advisor available to discuss your issues! Appointments fill up fast, so stop by early.

When you sit with your advisor, the time is yours to bounce ideas around, ask for advice, or just vent and be heard. You can ask directly for advice, and we may ask questions. That said, we are not taking a Socratic approach to your problem.

All work-related topics are welcome! In the past, some visits have focused on organizational challenges and interpersonal dynamics. Others have focused on user experience concepts and retrospective approaches.

Advisors will give their best recommendations based on their experience. Sessions are judgment-free and confidential, and you have our word that you will not be sold products or services.

What’s new for Agile2022?

If you’re an Agile Advice alumnus who has visited us in past years, here are some key changes from past years:

  • Added capacity for advice during the lunch hours
  • Addition of “appointment reminder” cards to advice-seekers with their timeslot and a few reminders.

Who are these seasoned Agilists?

We love our advisors! These kind souls volunteer their time and experience to further the overall Agile community. Advisors commit to one-hour blocks of advice time, with the option to schedule multiple blocks. If you are interested in volunteering to be an Advisor, you can apply here.

Fun fact

Instead of capturing feedback with a form, we ask participants to fill out a sheet after their session. This page has a simple statement that says, “After Agile Advice, I feel:” with room for a few words, but also space to draw a picture. We love your feedback and love the creativity that our advice-seekers always demonstrate!

For more information about visiting or volunteering for Agile Advice, contact the program team and we’ll get you connected.

See you in Nashville!

About the Author

Chris Li is an energetic and passionate Certified Scrum Trainer® whose recent focus has been on designing and delivering interactive and immersive learning experiences for professionals looking to expand their Agile mindset.

Writing code was Chris’ focus for many years, having started off with early web applications built on classic ASP and continuing with functionality built in .NET using C#. These engagements provided an opportunity for him to keep up with the latest tools and techniques. His passion in technology was always the database tier, having spent time as a development and enterprise level database administrator and engineer for Microsoft-related technologies.

Chris has worked for several engaging and collaborative customers in both commercial and federal customers. His close work with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security give him a unique perspective into organizational change and technical delivery. By combining strong technical leadership with an emphasis on professional development, Chris has always focused on the personal and professional growth of his co-workers.

Throughout his professional career, Chris has been an entrepreneur and an innovator. He founded the Agile Institute while at Agilex, an organization focused on providing Agile-focused training to employees and customers. He also developed Agile training and implementation strategies for various programs, and most recently founded his own Agile consulting firm, SparkPlug Agility.

Chris is an active speaker in the local and wider Agile community, bringing the same high-energy style to his talks and workshops. He has spoken at user groups such as the Agile Leadership Network – DC Chapter, DC Scrum User Group, DC Enterprise Agilists, and Agile NOVA. Chris has also presented at larger conferences such as the Global Scrum Gathering, Toronto Agile, and Agile DC, and has been part of several closing keynote functions. His volunteer experience includes being on the track review team, video podcast crew, and volunteer Agile coach at events for Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys many hobbies across a wide range of interests. He's an auto enthusiast, music lover, trumpet player, a closet foodie, a poker player, and a sports fan. He is also a former video game competitor who now works to help organize competitive fighting game events.

This is an Agile Alliance community blog post. Opinions represented are personal and belong solely to the author. They do not represent opinion or policy of Agile Alliance.

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