A message from new Agile Alliance Board Chair, Heidi Musser

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Heidi Musser
Heidi Musser, new Agile Alliance Board Chair

I am both honored and humbled to announce that I have been elected by my peers on Agile Alliance’s 2022 Board of Directors as your new Board Chair! Along with myself, I’ll be serving on the Executive Committee with Brian Button (Treasurer), Craig Smith (Secretary), and Angie Doyle (Member-At-Large).

My first action as Board Chair is to extend a heartfelt thank you to Paul Hammond, our previous Board Chair. Paul served on the Board of Directors for 2 terms (6 years), 4 of those in the role of Board Chair. I learned much from Paul and appreciate his service to Agile Alliance, our members, and the Board, along with his commitment to advancing Agile values, principles, and practices throughout our global community.

My second action as Board Chair is to extend a warm welcome to our newest Board members, Jose Diaz (Germany) and Song Bac Toh (Singapore). I look forward to working with each of these accomplished leaders, both of whom believe in the power of Agile and are committed to strengthening our inclusive global community.

Coming in 2022

These past couple of years have been difficult for all of us for many reasons. And 2022 will continue to present unforeseen challenges. That said, our first order of business as a Board will be to hire a new Managing Director for Agile Alliance. The search committee is in the final phase of the recruiting process, which we hope to complete in the coming weeks. It is both my responsibility and commitment to you to effectuate the successful transition of the new Managing Director to both Agile Alliance’s operational staff and Board of Directors.


When I joined the Board of Directors four years ago, I was excited about the opportunity to strengthen our commitment to DEI and extend Agile’s reach to C-level executives. If I’ve learned anything since the pandemic began, #agilitymatters now more than ever. Today, I’m excited about the opportunities to explore, apply, and expand Agile Alliance’s resources, events, and communities to help people and organizations THRIVE in the emerging “new normal!”

I’m incredibly grateful that I was introduced to Agile values, principles, and practices over 20 years ago. I learned that Agile is a fundamentally different way of working, thinking, and being that challenges each of us to meet people where they are and for whom they are; listen to understand; and to act with courage, humility, curiosity, and compassion. It’s a way of working, thinking, and being that encourages and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion of all humans. All the time.

I’m also incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve as your Board Chair. My commitment to you is to be clear and Agile, while practicing the four courage skill sets of vulnerability, living into our values, braving trust, and resiliency.

My wish for Agile Alliance is that we emerge stronger than before the pandemic. I hope to see many of you in Nashville at Agile2022.

#BeAgile #BeSafe



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