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Agile2022 will be my first in-person conference since 2018.

This Agile20XX conference has always been a special week for me. So much content. So much access to world-class speakers. So much space to stretch your brain and try new things.

My first Agile Alliance conference was in 2012 in Dallas. I attended because some coaching friends recommended it (and my employer agreed to pay). As a new agilist, I was exposed to so many new ideas, new voices, and new experiences that I vowed to come back the next year. My employer would not pay for two consecutive years so I submitted and crossed my fingers.

Agile2013 happened to be in Nashville … and I got accepted. I was thrilled to be included in an amazing line-up of thought leaders and boundary-pushers, as well as newbies like me.

That week in Nashville changed my life in so many ways. I found confidence in my presentation skills, I made connections that facilitated me quitting my corporate job, and I made friendships that, to this day, support my professional and personal growth.

I almost didn’t submit.

I didn’t think I had anything new to offer. I thought people only wanted to hear from established speakers. I worried about not knowing anyone. I was wrong on all accounts.

We all have stories we tell ourselves, things that keep us from trying. What are your reasons for not submitting? What’s holding you back? Are you willing to consider that these are just stories?

If you are, we’d love to have you submit your proposal. I’m the Track Chair for Accelerating Products and our team welcomes submissions from new voices, as well as experienced speakers. We’re looking for talks and workshop submissions about designing, developing, and caring for great products.

We all have unique experiences and stories to tell. Yes, even you. Take a chance and submit today.

It just might change your life.


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