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Becoming Agile: Coaching Behavioural Change for Business Results

An indispensable resource for professional coaches who work with organizations that want to become Agile, as well as business leaders looking for a meaningful way to reap the benefits promised by agility.

This book outlines how coaches and leaders use Agile frameworks and coaching psychology to create behavioral change and lay the foundations of success. Using the latest coaching approaches from executive, team, and systemic team coaching, the book shows how coaches can use Agile frameworks at the level of mindset and behaviors.

Laura demonstrates well-known frameworks such as Scrum, DSDM, and Lean Startup to support change and success. Readers will learn about the Six Lenses of Systemic Team Coaching including the individual mindset, interpersonal skills, team working and collaboration skills, and awareness of the external business environment, to create true business agility.

About the Author(s)
Laura Re Turner

Laura Re Turner is an accredited coach, trainer, and facilitator who works with leaders and teams to develop an Agile mindset, behaviours, and the skills to thrive through change. Before becoming a coach, Laura delivered enterprise software projects as a project and programme manager, technology consultant, and software developer. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Future Focus Coaching.

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