XP 2023 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

XP 2023 Compensation for Speakers

XP 2023 — 24th International Conference on Agile Software Development

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  •  June 13-16, 2023
Conference presented by Agile Alliance

All speakers will receive a 50% discount on their entrance fee for the conference.

XP is a community focused conference where a large part of the audience is also speaking. This makes for a very experienced audience, which is great for content and learning. It also means it is not possible to give all speakers free access.  We aim to give the maximum compensation for speakers within the means of the conference.

Please Note

  • Compensation awards can be applied only to the Industry Regular price (not to Agile Alliance member price, academic, or student price)
  • Only one compensation award per person (Compensation awards cannot be accumulated)
  • Compensation cannot be transferred to another person
  • Research Workshop organizers will receive compensation award, but not the participants/speakers in those workshops.