XP 2023 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Call for Submissions is now closed

XP 2023 – 24th International Conference on Agile Software Development

June 13-16, 2023 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

XP is the premier Agile software development conference to combine both research and practice. It is a unique forum where Agile researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, coaches, and trainers get together to present and discuss their most recent innovations and research results.

At its inception, over 20 years ago, the XP conference focused solely on eXtreme Programming. It quickly widened its scope to include all modern Agile approaches, and all the developing aspects of agility. XP draws people from around the globe, providing a diverse and inclusive environment for learning and inspiring conversations.

The theme of XP 2023 – Whole Team Sustainability

The theme for XP 2023 is “Whole Team Sustainability”, a many faceted theme centering on the need to band together to solve the complex challenges of our time.

Agile has long focused on the ability to truly work as a whole team, bringing all our different skills and viewpoints to bear on our common purpose. Strong engineering skills working hand-in-hand with top-level product vision, supported and sustained by modern management and a focus on resilience over efficiency.

Sustainability also in the form of a resilient, healthy and diverse team working at a healthy pace. After all: “agile processes promote sustainable development.” What is the long-term effect of agile mindset and practices? How can we keep teams stable and resilient in times of high growth or decline?

The world-wide necessity to take action for our environment makes the need for that philosophy in more aspects of our society starkly clear.


XP is welcoming of the Whole Team. To make it easier to find the best support when submitting a talk, we’ve defined a few main topics to group your submission into. If you can’t find the perfect place, do not worry! Not everything fits in a box, and we’re interested in everything connected to Agile, Software Engineering, and more!


We’re interested in both Sustainability in Agile, making sustainability an integral part of of agile development processes, as well as Sustainability by Agile, using Agile to improve sustainability in different industries. Read more…

Leadership and Culture

In this track we focus on the shifts in (collective) leadership and culture that evolves when considering whole teams and whole sustainable organizations. Read more…


Agile and in particular XP have had strong engineering practices at the core from the start. The whole team was always inclusive of testing, and quickly extended to operations, birthing the DevOps movement and the quintessential XP++ practices that build up to Continuous Delivery. Read more…

Product and Design

Great product management is all about getting close to the customer, and getting the whole team close to the customer. But how do we organize so that can be achieved? Read more…

Process Innovation

Working in a complex environment requires constant renewal of and experimentation in the ways of working. Processes can’t be taken off-the-shelf, but practices to apply and evolve processes can be shared, and that is what we are looking for in this topic. Read more…

Agile in Education and Training

Much of how we share knowledge around agile takes the form of training and teaching. How do we apply the same agile principles in that process of education? Read more…


For the first time in its long history, XP 2023 will be in The Netherlands, at ‘Pakhuis De Zwijger’ right in the middle of Amsterdam. In the center of the city, on the waterfront, there’s no better place to get together with colleagues from across the world and no better base from which to explore Amsterdam.


XP 2023 will consist of a 4-day program with sessions that feature research papers, experience reports, keynotes, panels, workshops, networking receptions, and an interactive (open space) track with an on-going ensemble engineering track.


The XP conference is a non-profit community event among agile practitioners and researchers organized by volunteers and supported by the Agile Alliance. Usually, a large majority of the XP participants are also speakers and contributors to the conference. Therefore, all participants will pay the conference participation fee to cover the costs of the event.


Submissions solicited below will be reviewed by the program committee based on relevance, significance, rigor, novelty, replicability, and quality. In some cases, submissions that have been accepted will be subject to shepherding by a designated committee member.

  • Research Papers [Submission deadline Extended to February 17]. We invite submissions of unpublished high-quality research papers, full (15 pages) and short (8 pages), related to Agile and Lean software development. Submissions addressing topics across the full spectrum of Agile software development, broadly on Agile, on issues of concern to researchers or practitioners, or both are welcomed.
  • Research Workshops. We invite full or half-day scientific workshop proposals on Agile and Lean related topics, to discuss or present results of research and practice. We welcome both already existing well-known workshops and new cutting-edge workshops on innovative topics.
  • Experience Reports [Submission deadline Extended to February 19]. This is an opportunity to share practical experiences through a paper and an accompanying talk. An experience report is a reflection of personal industry experiences including challenges seen, approaches taken – and what worked or didn’t. Submit an abstract with a brief unpublished experience. Accepted proposals will be shepherded.
  • Industry and Practice [Submission deadline Extended to February 19]. We invite proposals for engaging and experimental sessions oriented towards practitioners. We favor mini-workshops, demonstrations, games, and interaction based on your experience and practice from working in the industry. Please excite and surprise us! Sessions can be either 30, 60 or 90 minutes, or half-day for in-depth workshops/tutorials.