XP 2021 Call for Posters

June 14-18, 2021


Poster Submissions

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: April 23, 2021 May 3, 2021
  • Notification to authors: May 21, 2021
  • Poster upload: June 4, 2021

All dates are defined as the end of the day anywhere on earth (AoE).

Poster Track

Agile software development is a contemporary approach to software engineering. Over the past few decades, there have been significant empirical and theoretical research efforts to explain how various agile approaches enhance our ability to create and respond to change. In a period of such uncertainty and turbulence across the global landscape, agile software practices provide us with a way to better understand, implement and improve software development. Yet as the agile community grows and new perspectives emerge, it opens further research gaps and questions which need to be addressed people, processes, practices and how organizations are now considering ways to scale agile transformations. As a result, newer practices and approaches need to be investigated scientifically, and novel research methods and study designs can shed new light on practices.

This year, XP conference introduces the Poster Track for both researchers and practitioners to submit their work in the form of posters. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are at various stages of the research to present and discuss their most recent research ideas, findings, experiences, and challenges across agile and lean software development. We encourage you to showcase the novelty of your research at XP conference. We invite submissions addressing topics across the broad spectrum of agile and lean software development, including business, process, human, and technical aspects.

Topics of Interest

The topics of interest include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Agile and large-scale agile transformations
  • Agile team coordination and collaboration
  • Agile practices and techniques related to requirements, testing, architecture, development, deployment, UX design, marketing, product definition
  • Tools for agile development
  • Theoretical perspectives of agile and lean software development
  • Human, organizational, and managerial or leadership aspects
  • Delivering value and creating new business
  • Agile practices, tools, methods, and analytics
  • Teaching agile, scaling agile, DevOps, and culture and mindset
  • Experience from practices including collaboration, coaching, leading, meeting, communicating, and learning
  • Diversity and inclusion in agile software development
  • Agile sustainability


Posters will be reviewed by the program committee. The selection will be based on:

  • The purpose:
    • Novelty of research
    • Background providing appropriate agile context
    • Objectives/research questions being clearly stated
  • Research design/methods are appropriate:
    • Data sources and/or sampling procedures are clear and appropriate (if applicable)
    • Research objectives/questions listed are addressed (if applicable)
  • Findings of research are presented in an unbiased manner (if applicable)
  • Implications of research (research and/or practice)
  • Contributions:
    • Discussion on impact
    • Contribution of research
  • Clarity and quality of writing
  • Relevance of references to support research

Best Poster Research Presentation Award

The Best Poster Research Presentation Award will be presented to recognize the scientific merit exhibited on the poster presentation. A certificate with an inscription stating the award name, name of the presenting author, and title of the presentation will be sent to the award recipient. An official announcement of the recipient will occur at the end of the poster presentation session.


Authors are expected to submit an extended abstract, maximum 5 pages including references, tables, and figures, which summarizes the research using the following structure: (i) the purpose, (ii) research method or design, (iii) findings, (iv) research and/or practice implications, and (v) contributions.

All submissions must conform to the LNBIP formatting and submission instructions. See the instructions for authors.

A submission will be desk rejected if does not comply with the guidelines. At least one author of each accepted poster is required to register for the XP 2021 conference and to present the poster.

  • There is no limit on the number of submissions an author may submit, but authors are advised to focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • By submitting to the XP Poster Track, authors acknowledge that they are aware of and agree that work submitted to XP 2021 must not have been published elsewhere and must not be under review or submitted for review elsewhere while under consideration for XP 2021.

Upon acceptance, authors are invited to prepare a poster not exceeding the A0 portrait format as a PDF file that does not exceed 10MB (see guidelines here). For the poster, please use an appropriate font size so that they are readable, and the message should be clear and understandable even without oral explanation. The poster must be uploaded by the Poster Upload date.

Improved versions of selected extended abstracts will be published in the post-conference proceedings by Springer and will be open access.

Program Committee

Co-Chairs Email

Program Committee Members

  • Tingting Bi, HumaniSE Lab, Monash University, Australia
  • Finn Olav Bjornson, SINTEF / Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Bettina Distel, University of Münster, Germany
  • Andreas Drechsler, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Henry Edison, Lero, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway), Ireland
  • Hendrik Esser, Ericsson, Sweden
  • Fábio Fagundes Silveira, Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil
  • Bettina Horlach, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Sonja Hyrynsalmi, LUT University, Finland
  • Dina Koutsikouri, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Maarit Laanti, Nitor Delta, Finland
  • Santiago Matalonga. University of the West of Scotland. UK
  • Ingo Müller, HumaniSE Lab, Monash University, Australia
  • Ken Power, Consultant, Ireland


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the track co-chairs by email: xpposters@agilealliance.org