Leadership Abstracts

JUNE 8-12, 2020

ONLINE! Copenhagen, Denmark

Leadership Abstracts

How to create a safe environment – practically
Marcin Floryan (Spotify)

Regardless of the outcomes we are aiming for, the journey can only be successful and mutually beneficial when people are engaged, honest and authentic. As Google discovered in their Aristotle project, the fundament on which to create such a fruitful environment, is psychological safety. Yet it’s impossible to simply instill safety overnight. Join the session to hear how we worked, in practice, on enhancing the sense of psychological safety for everyone in the Playback Tribe at Spotify.


Hendrik Esser (Ericsson)

Agile? Lean? Design thinking? Six Sigma? Waterfall? – what approach is the most suitable one fitting your organization’s and business’s context?

In this short learning session you will get an overview of what fits when.

You will learn about the key characteristics, that drive your decision for a certain way of working approach.

And you will learn what other aspects, like type of people, leadership approach and organizational approach fit to different contexts.

Radical innovation

Anders Haugeto (Iterate)

Agility is not about process and tools – it’s about creating positive change. Most successful startups are started by people who had their idea while working for their former employer. Going solo was their least favorable option. What had happened, if the company they worked for had been able to support their mission? Radical ideas is a path to next level agility. It’s time to level up. Established companies have strengths the startup ecosystem can only dream of. Nothing creates lasting change more than new, successful businesses.

Leadership lessons from COVID-19

In a matter of a few short weeks, Covid-19 fundamentally altered how we collaborate, communicate and create value. But beyond moving to an online set of tools – what changed in the way we work? What are some of the processes we see more of? And what are some of the things we are now finding less helpful?

Join Marcin Floryan (Spotify), Darja Smite (Blekinge Tekiska Högskola), Hendrik Esser (Ericsson), Jorgen Hesselberg (Comparative Agility) and Nils Brede-Moe (SINTEF) in looking at data, rersearech results and experiences on what patterns and practices have changed – and what has remained the same over these last few months in the age of Corona.