FAQ / Contact for XP 2020

JUNE 8-12, 2020

ONLINE! Copenhagen, Denmark

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the conference? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to get your answer.

What are the registration types?

Agile Alliance Members – registration is free

Non-Members – $200 USD

Join Agile Alliance for $99 USD and gain access to the conference for free!

What time is the online conference?

The conference takes place everyday 3 pm – 7:30 pm CEST. We have chosen this time slot to make it convenient for as many people as possible to participate. It is early in the morning in the U.S. and Canada and late evening in India.

How do I select my sessions?

Registration gives you access to all sessions during all 5 days.

When will the schedule be announced?

The schedule can be found here.

How many sessions and/or speakers will XP 2020 have?

There will be 3 consecutive sessions each day of 60-90 min each. The conference will have almost 50 sessions and around 100 speakers.

Will there be any networking opportunities?

Yes, every day there will be some networking sessions. We have a facilitator that will be leading the sessions using Liberating structures, like Impromptu networking.

There will also be  a “hallway” open for ad hoc conversations among participants.

What platform will you be using, and do I need to download anything?

Will sessions be recorded and available after the conference for me to view?

XP 2020 will record most sessions and they will be available sometime after the conference for  conference participants and Agile Alliance members. However, breakout room discussions that will be used in some sessions will NOT be recorded. Workshops will not be recorded.

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