Upcoming Agile Community Events in April, May, and June

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While we’re all really excited about the big events on the horizon, I want to give a quick shout out to some upcoming Agile community events which are sponsored by Agile Alliance.


Community is what we do.


April 22: If you’re looking for ideas about how to find a new job or tune up your Agile career, check out Launch Your Agile Career: Beyond the Classroom. This event (hosted by our friends at Scrum Alliance) offers a half-day of practical advice about finding job opportunities and navigating the hiring process.

April 23-24: The chair of Agile Alliance Member Initiative Principle 12, Enrico Teotti, and Diana Larsen are teaming up to offer an Open Space gathering  Let’s Talk About Effective Agile Retrospectives. For this event, they aim to bring together Agilists and change agents from outside the Agile domain to explore how to help teams embrace the 12th Agile Principle: “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.”




May 6-7: Future of Work 24 Hours is a 24 hour global open space. The vision is to invite and cultivate workplace experiments and new work patterns. Build the connections to move these ideas into action. We invite all at this open space to go beyond the conversation and into collaborative action.  Together we will learn, explore and build around the theme of…Co-creating Our Future.

May 24-25: Lean Agile Global is a community-focused event that strives to create a conference with soul where people can fully engage and share experiences with others. This 2-day conference features a very diverse group of speakers, and the emphasis is on interactive learning and making connections.



June 7-9: The Agile Professional Learning Network (APLN) Research Lab 2021 is APLN Chicago’s reinvention of their annual Agile conference. Bringing together participants interested in collaborating to find solutions to real-world problems, this event will create and inspire research teams who will work together over a 3-6 month cycle and create a series of research papers describing their activities and outcomes.

If your organization runs a not-for-profit event you’d like to let the Agile world know about, give us the details and we’ll help spread the word!


About the Author

Ellen Grove is the Interim Managing Director of Agile Alliance. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Ellen has been working in software development for over 20 years, moving from software testing to user-centered design to managing development teams to Agile coaching and training. Ellen is an Agile Coach, trainer and facilitator who works with organizations of all sizes - from startups to multinationals - to help them find more effective ways of working based on Lean and Agile principles and practices. After many years of organizing and presenting at Agile events at home and around the world, Ellen was elected to the Agile Alliance board of directors in 2017, and became the chair of the board in February 2020 before stepping into her current role.

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