Webinar: Agile Kata Walkthrough

September 7, 2022


Join Joe Krebs, creator of the Agile Kata (www.agilekata.org) , when he gives an orientation talk about what the Agile Kata is and what you can use it for. Using it for Agile Transformations, increasing business agility and as a replacement of Scrum or Kanban on a team-level are just a few hints.

About the Presenter:
Joe Krebs created the Agile Kata and began formulating the practice in 2019. He has been active in the agile community for over two decades. Joe is an agile community builder, a www.agile.fm podcast host, a Certified Professional Scrum Trainer, ICAgile Authorized Instructor, and he founded Incrementor back in 2009. Joe held director-level leadership positions prior to Incrementor and connects the dots in his courses how agility impacts modern management. Incrementor offers a series of Agile Certification trainings and workshop-style private trainings in the United States, Europe and around the world.

Webinar Format:
Our 20-minute webinars are highly focused sessions about a specific topic. Straight to the point. Instead of Q&A as part of this webinar, you can schedule additional time with us after the webinar when it is convenient for you. We believe that this format keeps the quality of content high and makes the best use of your time. As we are always looking for ways to improve our webinars, we will ask you for your feedback after each session.