Virtual Workshop: Build Your Own Workshop

May 13, 2021


Are you a Scrum Master looking for a better way to engage participation in your training and working sessions?

If you are working with remote teams and looking for a way to teach them something, or facilitate a specific discussion, but don’t know how – then this workshop is for you. It is a great way for you to learn how to facilitate and create awesome workshops materials yourself.

The goal of this event is not only to share some of my tips & tricks for remote facilitation (because a lot of what we do these days is remote) , but also give you guidance and space to create your own workshop all during the event. So that when you leave you are ready to run an awesome session with your team.

Because I am a Scrum Master myself, I design all my materials with Scrum Masters in mind. Every workshop is created with a goal to provide immediate value to you so that you can bring the positive changes to your team and your organization.

Facilitation, teaching, presentation, and workshop creation is a skill. You need to practice to get better. And you really need those skills to be an great Scrum Master. Not just good, but great!

I’ve been designing workshops and teaching for years, as a full-time Scrum Master, as a consulting Agile Coach, and as a Scrum Trainer. I’d like to share what I’ve learned along the way with you.

The exact agenda will be defined closer to the event. We will follow a regular structure to set the stage, collect data, gather insights, and decide what to do. Here below are the topics we will cover:

– Identify what kind of workshop or discussion you’d like to create
– Share remote facilitation tips & tricks
– Learn what remote collaboration tools can help you
– Define what key elements any workshop needs
– Work in small groups to create workshop materials
– Review each other’s work and give feedback
– Q&A and open discussion

There are two time-slots for this event to try to accomodate for multiple timezones. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

The event will last for 1 hour and a half. I usually stay for a bit longer after the event for additional Q&A.

It’s easy to sign up for a virtual event, but when the time of the event comes up, there is always something else. Because you don’t need to prepare to attend the event, it also easier to skip it.

To help inrease commitment and create stronger participation, I’ve decided to ask for a small fee of C$10.00 for attendance. While the fee is quite small, it still gives each participant an extra motivation to be present and engaged.

It also helps me to cover the costs for software licenses, such as Zoom and Miro, and the time spent facilitating the event.

– Actionable advice on how to facilitate discussions and workshops.
– Your own workshop material created with your peers that you can immediately use with your teams.
– The export of the slides we used that you can reference whenever you need.
– The recording of the event to give you guidance on facilitation if you decide to run the same activities yourself.
– An opportunity to network and connect with other professionals in the industry across the globe.
– Further discussions in the our Mastering Scrum community after the event.

Location: Virtual