VIRTUAL Certified Scrum Product Owner Training – LIVE ONLINE

August 4-7, 2020


This Certified Scrum Product Owner course provides a thorough overview of the product owner’s role within a scrum team, within an organization, working with customers, users and stakeholders throughout product discovery in order to maximize business value.

Scrum supports responsible product development that:

Adapts to volatile business needs and ongoing refinement of business solutions
Ensures closer adherence to customers’ real-world needs through streamlined planning and close ongoing collaboration
Supports faster deployment of production-grade solutions so your organization can gain market advantage and business value
Reduces project risk through rapid iterations of development that inform opportunity assessments
Drives efficient and effective production
When this course has been completed, attendees will have gained in-depth practical knowledge of the product owner’s role in agile product development, specifically applied through the Scrum framework.

Seminar Objectives
This course assumes basic understanding of agile development principles and practices. Attending Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) or Agile Essentials prior to this course is welcome, but not necessary. Topics included:

Overview of agile principles, as well as scrum roles, artifacts and events
Establish a business case, product strategy and product goals
Vet ideas based on feasibility, usability and value
Understand the customer and users through journey maps, empathy maps and personas
Discover customer and user needs through effective interviewing techniques
Apply the scientific method to product discovery & testing assumptions
Visualize a product roadmap to enable customer collaboration, identification of dependencies and gaps
Optimize value delivered and return on investment through managing and prioritizing the product backlog
Map user experiences with the product through user story mapping
Elaborate product requirements in customer-centric and purpose-driven user stories
Explore how to respond to challenges associated with transitioning to Scrum
Prepare for CSPO registration

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