Train the Trainer for Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching Masterclass, Los Angeles

December 11-14, 2019

Train the Trainer
Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching MasterclassThis class is for those who want to deliver Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching Masterclass with LAI-EAC Certification. This course includes 3 days of the actual course for Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching Masterclass. For details regarding the actual course please see below.On day 4, the agenda will be to review the Lean Agile Institute’s curriculum and prepare you to teach this curriculum in a classroom setting. Each attendee will be presenting a part of the course and will receive feedback from the Trainer and the peers.

At the conclusion of the course, each student will have fulfilled the educational requirements to be a Trainer for the above-mentioned course.


It is recommended to have at least 2 years of experience in Agile Coaching or Agile Leadership or have LAI’s Certified Agile Coach & Facilitator (LAI-ACF) credential or any other Agile Coaching Certification.

The participant should also have previous training experience. TBR (Training from Back of the Room) would be an advantage.


With this course, you will receive:

1. All the benefits of Certified Enterprise Agile Coach from Lean Agile Institute. (LAI-EAC).

2. Trainer Certification for Enterprise Agile Coach from Lean Agile Institute and eligibility to organize this course from Lean Agile Institute.

3. Licensed Course Material to teach the classes with the payment of nominal license fee per license.

The Trainer Certification will be renewable after one year with the payment of $750.


Course Workbook

Facilitation Guide

The course includes coffee Breaks and Lunch.

Cancellations & Refunds

Substitutions are accepted at any time. Cancellations must be notified by email and refunds will be provided according to the following:

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel this event if there are less than 5 registrations or if presenters are unable to attend due to illness. If necessary, you will be notified no later than 5 days prior to the event and all registration payments will be refunded promptly. We will not be responsible for any other costs incurred.

Please find the curriculum of the actual course below.

Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching Masterclass with

LAI-EAC Certification


For years, Agile Coaching has helped self-organizing and cross-functional agile teams to become great agile teams. As an agile way of working has brought good to great results in many startups and individual teams, more and more large Enterprises are realizing that “being agile” is the way to survive and thrive in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Hence, these organizations are looking extensively for Coaches who can support them to move from the traditional way of working to an agile way of working. However, the competencies of Agile Coaching that work amazingly at the team level or for Startups are not sufficient at the Enterprise level.

Enterprise Agile Coaching, along with Agile Coaching competencies like Professional Coaching, includes competencies from different disciplines like Organizational Change, Systems Thinking, Executive and Leadership Coaching, agile Enterprise including agile for functions other than software development like, for Finance, Procurement, Marketing, Operations, Sales, HR etc. It also includes instigating Lean and Agile Mindset at every level in the organization and lead the organization to become a Learning Organization.

During this 3-day Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching Masterclass, you will gain the knowledge about the competencies needed for Enterprise Agile Coaching discipline. You will be introduced to Enterprise Agile Coaching Competency Framework created by Lean Agile Institute, which provides guidance to Agile Coaches, Agile Leaders and the Enterprise as a whole, regarding the competencies needed to successfully lead and coach Agile Transformation in the Enterprise.


Enterprise Agile Coaching discipline

Enterprise Agile Coaching Competency Framework

Lean-Agile Coaching

Lean Mindset, Values, Principles, and Practices

Agile Mindset, Values, Principles, and Practices

Practice Professional Coaching (A Review)

Organizational and Systems Coaching

Organizational Change

Organizational Structures, Processes, and Cultures

Transformation in highly resistant Organization Cultures

Introduction to Evolutionary Change

Organizational Assessments

Systems Thinking

Enterprise as a System

Interfaces and Relationships in a System

Complex Adaptive Systems

Business Agility

Agile Enterprise

Agile Beyond Software Development

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching Servant Leadership

Agile Consulting

Facilitating Executive Workshops

Engaging as an Enterprise Agile Coach


After attending the 3-day Enterprise Agile Coaching Masterclass, the learners will be able to:

Explain the competencies and knowledge needed to develop Enterprise Agile Coaching competency.

Distinguish among the different coaching expertise needed for Enterprise Agile Coaching – Lean-Agile Coaching, Professional Coaching, Organizational and Systems Coaching & Executive and Leadership Coaching and demonstrate these.

Assess themselves against the Enterprise Agile Coaching Competencies and create a self-development path.

Understand Lean-Agile Mindset, Values, Principles and Practices and leverage these in coaching the Enterprise during the Agile Transformation.

Demonstrate the use of tools and techniques from the discipline of Organizational Change and create a strategy to lead Agile Transformation as an Enterprise Agile Coach, even for organizations with highly resistant cultures.

Use concepts of Systems Thinking in coaching Agile Transformation in the Enterprise and leverage it for quick wins.

Demonstrate knowledge regarding Business Agility and implementing an agile way of working in functions other than Technology like Finance, Procurement, Marketing, HR, Operations, etc.

Facilitate Executive Workshops

Engage with the Organization as well as with other Enterprise Agile Coaches with different expertise to coach Agile Transformation.

Know your Trainer:


Ravneet Kaur, Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer, Accredited Kanban Trainer and Coach

Ravneet is an Enterprise Agile Coach and engaging Trainer favoring hands-on and experiential learning approaches. She is currently working as a Master Trainer with Lean Agile Institute.

She’s the co-creator of “Enterprise Agile Coaching Competency Framework” pioneered by Lean Agile Institute, which is the only framework that defines Enterprise Agile Coaching profession today.

She has trained and certified people in Agile Way of Working in the USA, Europe, Australia, and India, including the Management and Leadership Teams, Product Managers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters, Development Managers and Development Teams.

She has supported several Agile Transformation including for organizations like Philips, Bosch, Hella, Daimler, Royal Bank of Canada, Deutsche Bank and Gillig.

She coaches organizations, including C-level Executives, Management and Teams to adopt lean-agile principles, culture, and practices. She coaches organizational leaders to become servant leaders.

Her vision is to help everybody in the organization to have a better work-life balance. This vision manifests in her constant attention to the people who do the work we value, their stress levels, their ability to embrace their passions, and their ability to fully engage as adults and professionals doing meaningful and rewarding work.

She constantly works towards improving processes. As a culture and organizational change agent, she helps drive change in the organization and helps the organization transform and adopt a Kaizen Mindset. She works as a servant leader with other change agents in the leadership team and other coaches to make the maximum impact and gain the greatest benefit.

She interacts with people to get the issues resolved and facilitates Executive workshops, internal and external meetings, and sessions ranging from Planning Sessions, Risk Analysis, and Inspect & Adapt Program Retrospectives. Being an unbiased listener and logical thinker, she takes these sessions to logical conclusions, capturing the relevant data and information. She also facilitates communities of practice and leadership team discussions.


Master Trainer for Lean Agile Institute (LAI) Certified Courses
Training from Back of the Room (TBR) Trainer
Lean Kanban University (LKU) Certified Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT)
LKU certified Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass (KCP)
iSQI certified Trainer for Practitioner in Agile Quality (PAQ)
iSQI certified Trainer for Certified Agile Business Analyst (CABA)
iSQI certified Trainer for Certified Agile Essentials (CAE)
ICAgile Certified Instructor
ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (ICP-CAT)
ICAgile Certified Agile Coach (ICC-ACC)
ICAgile Certified Agile Facilitator (ICC-ATF)
Certified SAFe Program Consultant 4.0 – (SPC4.0)
Project Management Institute-Agile Certified Practitioner – (PMI-ACP)
Project Management Institute- Project Management Professional – (PMI-PMP)
Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
Certified SCRUM Master (CSM)
Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
ISTQB® Certified Tester
ETSI Certified TTCN-3® Expert
OMG Certified UML Professional™ (OCUP)
Intel Certified Project Manager
Intel Certified Leader as an Expert

Location: Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport | 6225 W Century Blvd | El Segundo (Los Angeles) | Los Angeles, CA 90045