Three Blind Spots Every Agilist Can Use to Be More Influential

September 15, 2022


All organizations want to be better, faster, more resilient and impactful, while delighting their customers. As agilists, we live and breathe the importance of continuously learning and improving to hit those goals. It’s in the agile DNA after all, but what may not be so clear is that we’re essentially asking, “Where are my blind spots?”

On September 15th at 12pm PDT, Isos Technology’s Director of Agile Services, Tracy Walton, will chat virtually with the SB Meetup community. We’ll cover three specific areas where agilists can remove their blinders, opening up a treasure trove of opportunity to influence change.

You will learn:

-How to improve your ability to make assessments
-How to improve your ability to influence others
-How to take advantage of open communication
-How to deliver better outcomes together

A Word from the Presenter: Tracy Walton, Director of Agile Services, Isos Technology

I love to help people and companies succeed. My career in tech began about fifteen years ago as a Product Manager struggling to grow and launch new features with our waterfall approach to software development. With one book (Succeeding with Agile by Mike Kohn) and a little mentoring, my life and company was changed forever. More than a decade later, I knew that the next venture in my career needed to include Atlassian and a company culture that allowed me to thrive. So, here I am today with Isos Technology, and our incredibly varied book of clients– thrilled beyond belief about carrying forward the impact that I’ve personally experienced from adopting agile ways of working and thinking.