Professional Scrum with Kanban

January 27-28, 2020

Professional ScrumTM with Kanban (PSK) is a 2-day course that teaches Scrum practitioners how to apply Kanban practices to their work. Through theory, case studies, and hands-on exercises, participants will understand the importance of transparency and flow as it pertains to the Scrum framework. Scrum Teams keep improving how they work, based on what they learn by inspecting and adapting on an ongoing basis.

The Professional Scrum with Kanban course is for all Scrum Practitioners, with an emphasis on Scrum Masters looking to add Flow techniques to their toolbox.

About the trainer
Julia Wester is @EverydayKanban on twitter and writes the blog. Julia has used Kanban for 10 years, is passionate about flow, and has plenty of experience integrating Kanban with Scrum.

Location: Malmö, Sweden