Music as coaching asset with Michelangelo

December 15, 2021

🍎The event:
Metaphors and Games are undisputed assets of any coaching style, but what about music!
Music is one of the most underrated tools which can bring tangible benefits for self and team growth, improve focusing, facilitating understanding through a different metaphor type.
Through the busyness and life, music has been in my soul helping my clients and me along my way, and it got me thinking about the role of music in my work and how I use it as a tool to empower and support me along whatever journey I am on.

➡️In this live event, I will introduce music as a coaching asset for different types of systemic interventions.

➡️How to adopt music in workshops, individual and group coaching sessions, or teaching classes.

➡️There will be practical labs to experiment and try out different solutions and enjoy a coaching session with ease.

 Recommended to pair with a headset 🎧 or good speakers 🔊 for better audio

Location: Online