Lean-Agile Frontiers 2019

October 28-29, 2019

International Vanguard Conference 
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The Lean-Agile Frontiers forum aims to spearhead a serious discussion and collaboration between researchers & practitioners or academia & industry. Our mission is to expand the frontiers of knowledge across Lean, Agile, DevSecOps, Design /Service Thinking, Digital Transformation, Organization Design, Change Management, and Innovation. Our focus is how each of these disciplines and cultures reshapes modern Enterprises.
The forum launches reality informed scientific inquiries for new ways of working while addressing emerging challenges in transforming to Lean-Agile Enterprises.

The Lean-Agile mindset inspired the development of many practices, frameworks, methods, and techniques for system and software development.

The purpose of research in this field is to critically analyze these frameworks and methods, validate them, redesign and improve them for new challenges and opportunities.

The purpose of practice is to inform about these challenges and opportunities based on experience and empirical data.

Growing concerns exist about the current Lean-Agile frameworks, that necessitate the need for profound dialogue and collaboration of researchers and practitioners. The regional and global Agile gatherings are dominantly consulting driven and focused on industry application.
Academic research combined with industry experience forums is a gap in solving for the organizational challenges for the Lean-Agile Enterprise and Ambidextrous Organization needed today.

The Lean-Agile community largely thinks that academia is falling behind the industry innovation and the research community thinks that the industry is driven by the Agile hype that rarely yields the desired results.

This forum aims to bring these two counterparts together to study Lean and Agile in the context of a holistic enterprise. To explore the extent an enterprise and its organization need to be redesigned for new ways of working. To discuss the crucial role of leadership in a successful Lean-Agile Enterprise Transformation.

Innovation is a major focus for academia and similarly for Industry. Therefore, this forum’s objective is to address the converging and diverging point of views, align expectations, and produce outcomes to advance Lean-Agile.


Only a small selection of papers, after going through a standard submission, review, and acceptance process, will be published as a book by Springer (pending). The selection criteria for inclusion in the book will be relevance and quality.

Topics of Interest

Theme: Practices and Behaviors
Theme: Lean-Agile leadership and management
Theme: Lean-Agile metrics and maturity assessment
Theme: Agile frameworks and applicability

Location: San Jose, CA at San Jose State University