Implementing DevOps – SoftED

September 20-22, 2022

Are you a developer or operations staff member working in a DevOps environment? Applying DevOps requires well-defined goals and a good understanding of the different tools available and which ones are right for you.

This course will provide you with hands-on experience of a DevOps environment: planning and setting the strategy; designing and implementing the pipeline; automating the provisioning and configuration of infrastructure and deployment of systems; monitoring the pipeline and the with telemetry; identifying bottlenecks; and applying continuous improvement to evolve the pipeline and the architecture.
Intended for:
• Developers working in DevOps teams
• Operations staff supporting or working in DevOps teams

An understanding of fundamental Agile concepts and an understanding of DevOps concepts are necessary for you to get the maximum benefit from attending this course. These are covered in our Agile Fundamentals and Preparing for DevOps (previously Foundations of DevOps) courses.
Experience using command lines is important as some of the hands-on work is performed in a Bash shell.